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Slap of the Month

We love stickers. Who doesn't? Having something to slap on things or around the neighborhood is one of our favorite ways to customize and pay homage to the spirit of hip-hop. This is why we include free stickers with every single purchase (have you ever scanned one of our slaps to see what it does?)

Every great record store should promote local art. Since we're online right now, it's like you're local to us and we want to feature your work as part of our sticker catalog. Whether it's to remix our logo or a unique design of your own, there are no limits to what could be a good slap (but please avoid any copyrights or explicit material).

Each month, we'll put all submissions up for a vote and the top choice will get their design printed as the Slap of the Month that will be included in all orders. The winner will also get a $50 gift card to the shop.

Submissions are due by the 21st of every month in order to print in time for the next month. Submissions need to be sent to slap[at] with the following specs:

  • PDF or JPEG format at full resolution.
  • Minimum size should be at least 2" and max 6"
  • Again, try to avoid explicit or copyrighted material

Quick legal bit - Submissions for the Slap of the Month contest must either be licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY license or licensed to GOOD TASTE Records / GOOD TASTE Brands LLC (though not necessarily exclusively to us). Visit Creative Commons to learn how to license and protect your work when making it available for use.

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