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GOOD TASTE Records Presents Record Store Day April 23, 2022 + Grand Opening

Come join the Taste Makers at GOOD TASTE Records to celebrate Record Store Day 2022 on Saturday, April 23. We'll be celebrating the grand opening of our Boston store on this same day, with live music, special offers, and the best vinyl that we've been filling our shelves up with. We'll have lots of RSD exclusive releases for you to browse through, first-come first-serve (but only one copy per person).

Regardless of social distancing protocols, we will be limiting the number of customers in at a time to allow for a more comfortable browsing experience.

Click this to add a reminder for GOOD TASTE Records Record Store Day 2022 on your calendar

Follow @goodtasterecord on Instagram and Twitter to keep updated with more details as April 23 gets closer.

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