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Sell and Trade-In

Interested in rotating some of your good taste in exchange for ours? GOOD TASTE Records will buy and trade your used records to give you some fresh flavor. 

Selling and trading is limited to our Boston, MA retail location and will be arranged over phone/email. Provide us some details about what you have to sell and we can arrange to discuss further if interested. Due to lack of parking, please contact us to confirm bringing in any records lots over 50+ records.

Always looking for LPs, 12"s, and 7"s of:

  • Hip-hop, classic and modern 
  • Rock music, classic and modern
  • Electronic music across all decades - techno, drum & bass, house, etc.
  • Soul, jazz, and/or funk 
  • Soundtracks - Movies and video games
  • International - Afro-funk/rock, Japanese, Brazilian/Samba

Quick note, we're not actively taking in classical music or 78 RPM records.

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