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Visit GOOD TASTE Records

The GOOD TASTE Records retail location is located at 4 Thacher St in Boston, MA's historic North End neighborhood. 

Our retail store is open for digging and picking up online orders, as well as hosting events with bands, DJs, and other activities taking place in the community. We weekly rotation of 1000+ used records are exclusive in-store and is refreshed every Tuesday. Stop by, have a dig, give something a spin in our multi-station listening booth, and have a GOOD time. 

Shop hours are:

  • Monday - 12-7pm
  • Tuesday - 12-7pm
  • Wednesday - 12-7pm
  • Thursday - 12-7pm
  • Friday - 12-6pm
  • Saturday - 12-6pm
  • Sunday - 12-5pm

Special hours will be noted through social media and Google in the event of any holiday hours or other circumstances. 

Check out our FAQ for tips on getting to our shop. 

More details about our retail location opening will be posted on our blog and social media accountsAnd if you can't visit us, get any of our in-stock albums from our site shipped safe and fast!

GOOD TASTE Records 4 Thacher St Boston MA 02113


4 Thacher ST
Boston, MA 02113

12-7pm Monday-Friday
12-6pm Friday-Saturday
12-5pm Sunday

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