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GOOD TASTE is our philosophy about vinyl, music, and life in general. For us, that means:

  • Providing the best possible customer experience possible. We're vinyl enthusiasts as well and want to provide to you what we expect for ourselves.
  • Manage the experience from end-to-end . No consignment, no drop shipping your order through 3rd party suppliers, no overselling, no cancellations, and no frustration for you (and us). 
  • Sell records at reasonable prices with hassle-free shipping options.
  • Value loyalty. We know there are lots of options for buying records and we like to take care of our returning customers in the vinyl community.
  • Be available when you need something. Our communications to you are limited but we're around whenever you need to email, chat, or call for anything. 

Our goal is to make you feel welcome to shop with us any time you need, online or in-person. Help us continue to spread GOOD TASTE by sharing our site with your friends and online. We're active on Instagram, Twitter, and r/vinylreleases and r/vinyldeals and appreciate you sharing there and anywhere else that you think needs to know about us. 

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