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GOOD TASTE Records is a Record Store Day-pledged independent record store based in Boston, MA's historic North End neighborhood with a focus on new and used vinyl records. We specialize in hip-hop, funk, soul, electronic, jazz, and soundtracks for films and video games. We welcome in all types of music and we are known for bringing in rare grooves and hidden gems that you didn't know you needed to listen to.

Our focus is on quality-over-quantity (all killer, no filler!) based on music that people actually want to listen to, whether at home or by vinyl DJs. We maintain these standards in an accessible way that is open to everyone, regardless of taste. This is what we consider GOOD TASTE. We are fully supportive in the vinyl community and create a space that fosters discussion and socializing amongst fellow music and vinyl enthusiasts. We're also sustainable, we plant trees for every album sold, use secure mailers that use recycled material, and use carbon-neutral shipping options to get your orders to you as green as possible.

GOOD TASTE Records is owned and operated by The Taste Makers, Coty and Lindsey, who have been digging in crates and DJ'ing all over the world for 15+ years. With a passion for experience and service, GOOD TASTE Records looks forward to serving you and appreciates your business and support online and in our Boston, Massachusetts store. 

GOOD TASTE Records is a GOOD TASTE Brand
We are the taste makers,
The dreamers of dreams
GOOD TASTE Records 4 Thacher St Boston MA
GOOD TASTE Records 4 Thacher St Boston MA
GOOD TASTE Records Boston MA


4 Thacher ST
Boston, MA 02113

12-7pm Monday-Friday
12-6pm Friday-Saturday
12-5pm Sunday

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