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Buy a Record, Have a Tree Planted - GOOD TASTE Records

Buy a Record, Have a Tree Planted

As a record store that primarily operates online and ships 99% of our orders, we go through cardboard mailers like crazy. It also means more emissions to deliver it to your door. It does cause us to think about the global impact that we have on our natural resources and how we can operate in a responsible way. 

Starting today, every single product sold through GOOD TASTE Records will plant a tree through The Good API. If you buy 2 albums, we plant 2 trees; buy 10 albums, we plant 10 trees. It's as simple as that. Even better, this does not come at any additional costs to you - no hidden costs or fees, all automatic and handled by us. 

Sustainability and environmental impact is a topic that we must continue to discuss openly to best protect and improve the quality of life for every living thing. We'll continue to do our part.

Learn more about The Good API and how it interacts with the Eden Reforestation project

GOOD TASTE Records Project Eden Reforestation

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