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Listen to The Weekly Flavor - GOOD TASTE Records

Listen to The Weekly Flavor

With so much music coming out, we know that everyone doesn't always know what each album sounds like and if the music is as good as the cover (who hasn't taken a chance and bought an album purely on the cover alone?) 

To help with music discovery, we've started our new weekly Apple Music playlist series, The Weekly Flavor, a playlist of select tracks from the new releases and restocks to GOOD TASTE Records. Even if you don't subscribe, you'll get a TASTE of each track. As part of our new weekly highlight series, you'll find this week's playlist in each week's release and on the front page. You can listen to all past playlists on our Playlists page.

Some of the best albums in our collection and inventory have come from buying without listening first. That's part of the thrill of the hunt, but it's also nice to have something to refer to just in case. 

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