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Month 1: The Saga Continues - GOOD TASTE Records

Month 1: The Saga Continues

We're wrapping up the first month of GOOD TASTE Records going live and it's left us spinning 450 RPMs. We've been completely humbled by the response that we've received and it has helped validate that we are on the right path to help us build out the record store that we've been looking for ourselves and community. When we started GOOD TASTE, our goal was never to build the best e-commerce website to buy records from; it's a highly competitive space and anyone with a credit card can sign up for Shopify and start posting out product. Between that, you're also constantly going to compete with Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target who use vinyl as a loss-leader because they can.

Instead, our goal has always been to build up the type of record store that we've wanted to shop at, with well priced records and a wide selection of music for all tastes,  and provide that within our neighborhood. We're very attached to serving in our community and providing something unique that can connect people with music and the culture. It's why we've DJ'd and sponsored music for the local Italian feasts, Latin American heritage festivals, and social mixing events that promote small business and shopping local. We win when we all win.

I'll say it again, after a month of putting in work to help get our name out there and to build the connective tissue to serve that mission, we are truly honored and humbled by everyone's support both locally and afar. We've had great conversations with people online from all over the world and have shipped to almost every single state in the country (we're still waiting for the Alaskan and Hawaiian vinyl community to show up). We know that you have a limitless choices when it comes to buying records, especially online, and we appreciate each and every single one of you that has the GOOD TASTE to shop with us. 

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